Party planning

Starting a business is hard work, stressful, and time consuming. But, it is our dreams that give us hope and keep us going each day. I am also one who believes that everything happens for a reason ( you will hear me say quite often) which brings me to this little post about party planning.

My friend has courageously followed her dream of opening an event planning business. She’s so good at organizing events and has so much fun pulling things together it’s hard not to see her excitement when she can step back and see her finished product.

Actually the planning stage of the business was fun (at least for me and my daughter). We had fun brainstorming names and taglines, we still laugh when we mention some of them. I’m laughing now at one particular moment because we were cleaning up after one of the parties she had planned for my daughter and I think we spent as much time laughing hysterically as we did cleaning up. Good times…

But, on the serious side, I’ve seen the hard work she has put in on making this business successful and trying to expand, and she is relentless. I’ve seen the hard work she puts into every activity and event she manages, and I’ve seen the smiles on the faces of those attending as well as those who have hired her to plan the event….myself as one of those happy customers. I can’t thank her enough for the many parties she has planned, organized, and executed for my daughter so I can sit back and make memories.

Thank you my friend….for following your dream.




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