Today I am so sad at the state of society. Bullying needs to be stopped. It starts at home where adults teach children tolerance and kindness. It starts in the schools where adults hold children accountable for their words. And where teachers are held accountable for their words and actions and are not allowed to bully students and hide behind their title of teacher. It starts with adults who don’t take the politically correct stance and look the other way so they don’t offend someone and actually do something. What about the people that are offended because adults stand by and do nothing?

Bullying goes beyond the schoolyard. It’s in the workplace too, but my concern at this moment are the children who are hurting, whose hearts are filled with excruciating pain, because words do hurt. And I can only imagine the pain these children feel when they look around and feel they have no one to protect them.

We must teach tolerance, love, and kindness. We must teach children, through our actions, that it is NOT OKAY to hurt someone else for amusement. It is NOT OKAY to hurt someone because they look or dress different, or because of envy, jealousy, or FOR ANY REASON…ITS NOT OKAY.

I just read another news story about a child whose parents transferred him to another school because he was bullied, but the bullying didn’t cease because these children were able to reach him through social media and group texting. This young man, per the article, had so much promise but he won’t even reach adulthood because he committed suicide.

I feel sadness for his family and I pray that they find peace in knowing that their child is no longer hurting because he is in the arms of the Lord.



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