Be kind with your words, cont’d

Well, the gentleman I spoke with is no longer a complete stranger as I have seen him a few more times this week. I do not believe for one minute that I did anything more than allow him an outlet for the pain he has kept pent up inside. That being said I will say he has made me smile these past few days when I’ve seen him. He waves and has a big smile. What I had wished for was for him to find peace and resolution. I believe he has found some sort of peace which in itself is a resolution.

Listening to him speak was a lesson. He is a reminder of how the end of one portion of a relationship can have a devastating impact on other relationships. It is a reminder that when we end a relationship we must rise above the pain and anger. End that portion but do not allow everything else to be destroyed.

As parents, the end of a marriage should not be about us. Divorce is only the end of one portion of that relationship. Divorce doesn’t end the parental relationship. It doesn’t end the relationship with the children. Divorce changes the infrastructure but it doesn’t destroy the pathways to the heart. Of course this is not reality because we can look around us and see the victims of the warfare called divorce.

That casual greeting that unleashed a torrent of emotion is a reminder that we must be kind with our words. Being kind with our words may help curb our knee-jerk reaction to use our words to hurt.



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