Gift baskets!

I’m proud of my girl for making her dream come true. In this economy that’s not an easy feat. Money is tight for everyone so starting a business in this economy is a sign of fearlessness. There isn’t a lot of extra money to spend on parties right now so it takes some unique marketing strategies to peak interest and secure clients. So my girl has tweaked her business to fit the needs of her clients and their wallets….

Valentines Day is right around the corner and my friend has added something extra to her event planning business, Memorable Events with Sunshine. She’s making custom gift baskets to make Valentine’s Day extra special. It’s the little details that make the difference.

She’s putting her passion of helping others to work by bringing a creative flair to any affair. She enjoys making others happy, she has a knack for pulling together events…and now these cute as can be gift baskets…and she had a dream of owning her own business. And in spite of setbacks, naysayers, and the overall fear of failure she has made her dream come true.

Fear and money are the two biggest reasons that keep people from taking steps to do things, whether its something big like starting a business or small like taking a weekend trip or a vacation. Fear paralyzes us. Lack of money restricts us. Overcoming the fear is a powerful and freeing moment.

So proud of her….oh, did I mention she is my daughter’s Godmother? What an amazing role model.



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