love story, con’t

I wrote about my friend and her excitement over her husband’s homecoming. I titled the post ‘watching a love story unfold’ and I feel like I need to share a little more background.

This couple has been together their entire adult lives, and half of their lifetime. They’ve had their ups and downs, but at the end of the day divorce wasn’t an option and their love was rock solid. That’s a love story worth celebrating.

At this point in their lives they are basically starting over as a couple. Their children are now young adults who are starting out on their own. And now this couple has to learn each other all over again, as older adults who have spent the majority of their relationship as parents. Yes, they are still parents, but now they are parents of children who no longer need them 24/7, and they are older and wiser and have time they haven’t had before.

I’ve witnessed other couples who have been together a long time get to this point in their lives/relationship and they become lost. My friend is adamant that she doesn’t become lost and she is putting in the effort to make sure this love that she shares with her husband continues to grow.

As a couple it can be hard to keep the romance alive. It’s refreshing to see this couple date as if they are meeting for the first time. It’s cute to see this couple giggle like teenagers.

This couple’s love story is testimony that you can love, fall in love, and remain in love at any age and any stage of the relationship.

Wishing this couple a lifetime of blessings.


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