watching a love story unfold

This weekend my friend’s husband came home after nearly 4 months of working overseas. No, it’s nothing like a military deployment, but for this couple it was an emotional time due to this being the first complete holiday season they have spent apart in the 20+ years together.

So, my friend was giddy with excitement that her husband was coming home (more so because he leaves in 2 weeks for several months) and wanted his homecoming to be special. With many little details to tend to within a short time frame she was getting nervous and worried she wouldn’t be able to get everything done. So of course I offered to help in any way I could.

She checked into the suite and put her special touch in each room, then rushed to get herself dolled up. My job was to pick up his favorite food and have it in the room right before they got back so it would be hot. Easy enough task (except when I got back to the room the key wouldn’t work!) and we timed the arrival perfectly. And then they were locked in their little paradise for 24 hours with no interruptions. (cue in the awwww)

The scenario above may seem like nothing but knowing this couple and the struggles they have had, especially the past few years, I was so happy to see this spark ignited and the efforts to keep the romance alive. Seeing the giddiness and nervous energy as if this was a first date was touching. Hearing how he wanted to sweep her up off her feet and carry her out of the airport like a scene out of An Officer and A Gentleman makes me smile.

When a couple can make a milestone of more than 20 years in a committed and monogamous relationship in an age where divorce is almost as easy as ordering fast food, well it’s something to smile about. For me it was watching a love story unfold as she reminisced about when they first met and fretted over having the special things he likes there in the room. When you have shared half of your life with someone and still put forth this much effort, yes that’s a love story in my eyes.

Wishing this couple, and every couple, a lifetime of first and second dates.


One thought on “watching a love story unfold

  1. You are an amazingly wonderful friend…thank you for everything, for being there, for helping, for the words, but most of all being my friend.


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