showing appreciation

Take time to say thank you, to smile, to make someone feel special. Take time to show appreciation. It doesn’t take a lot of time, effort, or money to show appreciation or to make someone feel valued. It really can be as simple as making eye contact.

I was speaking with someone this week and he later came back to tell me that he appreciated my time. When I told him that I was happy to speak with him he replied that he was thanking me because I made him feel important because I made eye contact with him. Honestly this took me by surprise. I was raised to make eye contact when speaking with someone because it is important to give someone your attention. I guess we have gotten so lax in our communication styles recently that this may be something that has been lost.

But, this conversation has made me think of the bigger picture. It really does not take much to show appreciation. In this case it was the simple gesture of making eye contact when speaking with someone. He does not realize it, but he made my day. He made me feel important by taking time to speak with me and share his feelings. This simple interaction has humbled me.

Wishing peace and happiness and blessings.


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