What would you do?

I was watching an episode of “what would you do” with my daughter and it opened up a discussion for us. We ask ourselves what we would do in those situations of observing, and to a degree eavesdropping, on someone else’s conversation, but cannot say what we would actually do. We can only say what we think we would do if we were there.

I get the point of the show. We are in a time where neighbors no longer know each other, strangers don’t stop to help someone stranded on the side of the road. But there’s a reason for that. It’s no longer safe to do these things. It’s hard to be charitable. Just recently there was a news story of a Good Samaritan who went to help a stranded motorist in the snow storm and he was murdered. So, a life was lost because one man felt compelled to assist his fellow man while that man felt no value towards another person’s life. So, what would you do?

This particular episode was to bring attention to domestic abuse and a young man coming out to his father as gay. We all have or opinions, and there are some things that do need awareness, but some of these episodes are not realistic enough to be believed. And do we really need to be a part of some of those private discussions, even for a television show? I understand it’s about opening us up to discussions and other ideas, cultures, customs, and things we may not agree with or be comfortable with. But some things just don’t belong on TV. And some conversations, even if someone is having it in public, do not warrant other people joining in. 

Domestic abuse is a real problem and we definitely need awareness. But, I can understand why people would be hesitant to get involved when two people are arguing in a diner (as was the scenario in the show) because people are crazy and you don’t know if someone will start shooting up a place. This doesn’t mean I think people shouldn’t get involved, I’m just penning my thoughts on the nature of the show. 

If I see someone getting bullied or an obvious victim of abuse (and let’s remember that men can also be victims) yes I will find a way to ask if the person is ok, or to provide some sort of assistance – it will depend on the circumstances. But if I overhear a child coming out to his or her parents about sexuality I do not believe I will join that conversation. It’s private, personal, and intimate – even if it is in a diner as the case with this particular show. Maybe the child feels the need to be in a public place for safety, for neutrality, or maybe it’s just happens to be where he or she is when the words come out. But it’s not a strangers place to join that conversation. 

The show is What Would You Do? I get the point of the show. But there is a fine line of opening up our eyes to differences and encouraging people to be nosey, to invade someone’s privacy, or to involve themselves in a situation that could be unsafe or simply is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. There’s a fine line because we want to do the right thing as human beings. We want to protect, to help, to do good. But sometimes we also need to realize that we need to mind our own business to keep ourselves safe.

I don’t know why I decided to write about this show. Probably because my daughter and I talked about the show and one of the things we both noticed is how the host walks out like he’s a celebrity that people are supposed to oooh and aahhh about. It’s annoying. Keep the show about the message and not celebrity status. 

Well, penning my thoughts has turned into a sort of rant.

Wishing everyone a day of blessings and happiness. And whatever you do, do from your heart.



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