the pain of big box stores

So the news of Walmart closing stores is starting to die down at least as far as the media is concerned. Unfortunately many small towns are impacted by the big box stores and it’s not always a good impact.

There are always pros and cons of bringing a big box store into a small town. Job opportunities and convenience are the obvious pros. But, the small town mom-and-pop store survive on local business traffic and oftentimes these businesses end up closing their doors. Generations of tradition become a memory because they cannot compete.

I’m not a fan of Walmart. I shop there but it’s not my first choice. I have the same complaints that most have – not enough cashiers, rude employees, and increasing prices for lower quality products. But, it’s my choice to shop there because I am fortunate to have other options. (Some do not have a choice) This doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the impact of the latest mass closing of stores. The news of the closures come with mixed emotions for my community. The company came in and provided jobs, closed a year later = loss of jobs, and only stayed long enough create a stir in the community. Several small businesses closed because they couldn’t survive in an already declining economy. Now these businesses are gone, Walmart is gone, and the community is left looking for jobs and a close place to shop.

I guess what is frustrating is that the reason behind many of the Walmart closures is not because of lack of business/profit. It is because the profit margin they wanted to see wasn’t there. That doesn’t mean they didn’t make a profit, even a fairly decent one, it means they didn’t see the numbers they wanted. So, strictly business/money focused, the company closes stores and walks away from the communities like they don’t matter. And the communities are left to pick of the pieces. This isn’t a natural disaster we are talking about; it’s not a hurricane where destruction is the result of the storm’s aftermath. This is the calculated decisions made by a business that does not care about people or a community. But, this is the world we live it. Competition, getting ahead at all costs, and financial gain is the game plan. Long gone are the days where people matter.

Oh well, these are just my thoughts. I’m sure there are people who will disagree. That’s their right. I guess I’m frustrated because I see how my own community has been impacted since the closure of some stores and it saddens me. People go where the jobs are because you HAVE to support your family. And by doing so you take away from the community that you love. And then a short time later you and the community are both at a loss.

Well, we are a community that rallies together so we will face this as we face all other issues. We will put our game face on and band together.

Wishing you a blessed day.




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