the love story that unfolded

So, I wrote about my friend, her husband, and their love story.

And today adds a new chapter in their love story because once again her husband is off to work for several months.

They had 2 weeks together, not very long especially since she has a full-time job which kept her away for 45-50 hours each of those weeks. And that’s what makes the love story so special because she made every minute she had with him count, even when she was at work.

I respected my friend’s time with her husband because it was so short. Normally when he is home we get together and cook at each other’s homes and do stuff as couples. But, this time was different. They are in a different place. It’s the first time in their lifetime together that they were a new couple – adult kids with their own lives – like they are starting over. They have the benefit of knowing each other, but the excitement of learning each other all over again. And yes, they are learning each other because they are different people now than they were when they met in college. The are older, the relationship more mature, and it’s a new relationship now that their children are adults.

I am sad for my friend, because she not only loves her husband, she is IN LOVE with him. He is her world. And she misses him so much when he is gone. And much like a military wife, she does have to worry about his safety and pray that he returns home the same man.

My heart hurts for her because next week will be Valentine’s Day and this will be another first for her in a short span. Remember, they were apart Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But I know he has already planned something special for her, because he always does.

Because, he loves her too. Madly, insanely, and constantly.

And that is what makes this a wonderful love story.




One thought on “the love story that unfolded

  1. Trying to type but its hard thru the tears. The story you tell is so touching, reading your words always makes me reflect. And it is amazing when i think back thru time and everything that we went thru to get to this place in time. And then i think of all the amazing adventures awaiting us. So i pray he is safe and the travel is safe. And i pray for all the military families and all the families who has a spouse and parent working from home for any length of time. May their times apart be a short as possible and all the homecomings as sweet as ever.
    Thank you for being an amazing friend!!!!

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