the bachelor

My good friend, I shall call him Bob, is a new bachelor. The new age bachelor status that comes from divorce. He had the fairy tale story of marrying his high school sweet heart, two kids, a house, job, stay at home wife/mother, church, etc.

Then one day, after almost 20 years of marriage and 25 years of being in a committed relationship, his fairytale life fell apart. He came home one day and his wife said she was leaving, proceeded to call him everything negative equating him to a failure, and she walked out….without her children. (I’m a mother so the last part really confuses, surprises, and angers me)

During the next few weeks he begged, pleaded, questioned, and basically did whatever he could do and thought of to bring his wife home so he could keep his family together. He asked the obvious question of ‘are you seeing someone’. Her response was an adamant NO. Then 4 weeks later she was living with a man and starting a new life – without her kids – but with his every other weekend kids and now a new baby.

Well, enough about her.  My friend Bob has spent the last 3-4 years picking up the pieces of his life, his children’s lives, and his heart. He has been successful because his kids are doing well, they adjusted pretty well with his constant support and love. And now he’s realizing that he’s nearly 40 years old and a bachelor – but a bachelor with no dating skills, no swag. He grew up with his wife, literally. And now he has to get his dating game together and learn how to date in a completely different time.

So……Enter me, the female wing woman…..

God bless, and have a wonderful day.


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