the bachelor, cont’d

As I write this I realize that I will be all over the place with my thoughts. Sorry about that.

But, to continue with my friend Bob’s dilemma, we are moving on to a new phase in his life. This wing woman thing just kind of happened. He mentioned that he’s ready to date, he’s tried dating sites and that was a complete BUST. He had a couple of dates with girls from high school who are now back on the market (girls he didn’t notice back then because he was in love with his girl) , that was a BUST.

So, we are at lunch, and talking about his likes/dislikes/must haves/must not haves, and he mentions that our waitress is pretty, or as he said purty. I checked her out (because I am a secure woman and have no problem looking at a female and acknowledging her beauty – and no I’m not into women) and agreed.

Being a spontaneous person I told him to go on outside and I would pay the check (my turn to buy since he paid the last time (only fair – we are friends – the guy shouldn’t always have to pay, especially as friends) and he looked at me crazy but like a good friend he did so without asking questions.

So when our purty waitress came to bring me the check I told her that this was awkward but my friend found her attractive so I wanted to introduce them. She was flustered, spilled my glass of water, and said she was sorry that she was married because he is SO HANDSOME, and she kept apologizing, and thanking me because she had never felt so pretty before and that I made her feel special by telling her. (delete me out of this because it is really Bob who made her feel special) She even showed me ring, which we unfortunately missed because I am NEW at this wing woman thing lol.

Well, I thanked her, paid, and went out to explain why I didn’t give her his digits. But, that she seems sorry that she is married because he is so handsome. So, while we didn’t make a connection, she did give him an ego boost. (because apparently when your work bff tells you that you are handsome, that you are a good catch, etc it’s like your mom telling you so it doesn’t count)

Anyway, this is how I became his wing woman, man I really need to read up on this so I can do a better job.

God Bless, and have a wonderful day.


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