Valentine’s Day

gift basket

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Is it a day where you profess your undying love to someone? Or is it a day filled with sadness and loneliness?

I look at Valentine’s Day as an over-commercialized day that rakes in money for vendors and leaves some people lonely and sad. (Note: I am married, far from lonely, and am not bitter – just sharing my thoughts) I don’t believe in paying $100 for a dozen roses in the days leading up to Valentine’s day when those same roses will cost $9.99 any other time of the year, including the day after. I don’t believe that getting a gift, a card, or going out to dinner on February 14th means that a couple has everlasting love. And I don’t believe that not celebrating the 14th means a relationship is doomed.

For me a night of family time watching movies or playing board games is better than a single day/night that has commercially been designated as a day of love.

Love can and should be celebrated all year long.

I wish every person a Valentine’s Day filled with happiness and love. Remember, not being in a relationship/alone does not mean a person is lonely.

Celebrate LIFE on February 14th and make it day about YOU. Do what makes YOU happy. If that is going out to a restaurant, buying or receiving roses, giving or receiving gifts, then do it. If it means going to the movies alone and enjoying time to yourself, then do it. If it means enjoying family time (which is what I will be doing!), then do it.




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