the bachelor, again

So, later Bob and I talk and he asks me if the waitress really said he was handsome. My gosh, as blunt as I’ve always been I can’t believe he asked me that, well yes I guess I can.

Anyway, I told him the truth – yes she said that, yes she was flattered and nervous, and I think we made her day.

She didn’t say she wasn’t interested. She said she is married (said sorry I’m married to be exact). So it wasn’t a rejection. It was a missed opportunity because she is married. And kudos for both of them for appreciating the sanctity of marriage and commitment.

So, maybe this was a lesson. Be patient. Don’t rush because God has a plan.

I will still work on this wing woman thing. I want to see my friend happy. But I will also sit back and see what God has planned too.

God bless, and have a wonderful day.


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