Fair weather friends

Fair weather friends, I know them all too well. Those ‘friends’ who are there when you are winning but no where to be found when you are down. It’s ok, I’ll keep smiling and I’ll keep shining.

Fair weather friends. I love the passive comments. The passive judgment. I love the opinions and superior air and the smugness you express. Nevermind that your life is not as glamorous as you wish people to believe. Nevermind that if you look in the mirror that mirror might crack. Yes, fair weather friends you should take a good look at yourself before placing judgment on others.

Fair weather friends. Those who make comments but seem to forget that their own lives are far from perfect. It’s ok, because I won’t judge you. I know you don’t have a perfect life, but it’s your life so the only impact it has on me is that I wish to see you happy. I am your friend so I will accept you. I’ll be your friend just because I am.

Fair weather friends. Keep judging and smiling. I will smile too. I don’t need your approval, but maybe deep down you are looking for mine?


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