GT16, 1 recap


I’m happy to report that the girls’ trip went well. The girls had a blast. Which makes my heart smile. The trip up there was quiet. The girls didn’t talk much, and typical young generation they stayed on their phones.

Then we hit the boardwalk and everyone loosened up. Sarabelle and I bought the girls wristbands and off to the rides they went. I have to note – even with a 6 -9 year age difference between the girlfriends and my little one, those young ladies made sure to include her in every step. I’m so proud of how they got along and age difference and relationships aside, those girls just hung out and enjoyed themselves.

Nothing makes my heart happy as hearing my daughter laughing and watching her have fun. And yesterday my heart was bursting with happiness because she had a great time and laughed all day.

The girls rode rides then we took a break for dinner and to watch to boat parade. It was COLD but we braved the wind and had dinner outside on the deck so we could watch the boats sail by. We laughed a lot and enjoyed our dinners. We even had fun laughing about being cold. It was really a good time. Running to the railing to be close to the water then back to our table to take a few bites because our food was getting cold was funny to us. It really is nice to just let loose, forget about life stress, and just enjoy the moment. And we did enjoy the moment.

Kemah Boat Parade

After dinner and the boat parade we were back to enjoy the rides. They came off those rides laughing and with stories; it was amazing to see how well they were getting along and enjoying their time together. The girls shut the park down and rode every ride that was available.

kemah rides

The night ended great. We grabbed Starbucks and got back on the rode for the 3 hour trip home. The girls crashed, Sarabelle and I talked and drank coffee, and rolled down the highway.

Our first girls trip as a “family” went well. I guess I didn’t need luck at all. And we are already thinking of our next GT16 for all of us to get together.

God bless, and be blessed.




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