comfort of the sun

Today was a rough day at work. Normally I push through the drama and just engross myself in my work. Today I had to step away and regroup, so I walked outside and just enjoyed the feel of the sun on my face. To be honest, I’ve never done that but I was amazed at how quickly the warmth of the sun relaxed my entire body.

Five minutes outside with my eyes closed, the sun on my face, and a cool breeze and I felt renewed. I didn’t gather my thoughts, I didn’t replay the events of the morning, I didn’t do anything but stand still and enjoy the sun and breeze. It was the most amazing feeling and when I returned to my desk I felt so much better.

I have heard that sunlight is a natural mood enhancer but I guess I’ve been too busy to take advantage of it. I am sure glad I did today. I needed that pick me up. I needed to clear my mind. I needed the comfort of the sun.

The comfort of the sun is like being wrapped in big, warm robe. I felt the tension drain from my body. Amazing.

God bless, and be blessed.


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