chasing the money, military pride

There is no such thing as chasing the money when a person joins the military.

But, soldiers experience many of the same issues that oil industry families have. Weeks and months away from loved ones, placing their lives in danger, and dealing with stereotypes and misconceptions from people who do not know the life.

Soldiers don’t chase the money; there isn’t money to chase. Yes, there are benefits such as the GI Bill and medical benefits. They have a job to do and they hope its worth it. They hope they can reap the benefits of serving their country, outside of having pride of being able to do so.

I have respect for soldiers. I come from a family who have made the military their career. I have friends who have made the military their career. And I’ve been a family member and friend who has prayed, worried, and sent care packages to them so they would know that they weren’t alone while risking their lives in another country fighting for and against people they don’t know, all as part of their job.

Joining the military isn’t about chasing the money. There are many soldiers whose family are on food stamps, and that is even with them living in military base housing. For these soldiers they need money to survive but they aren’t in their job to chase it.

God bless our soldiers. Be blessed


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