if you have the chance to love

If you have the chance to love, take the chance, and love….and be loved.

I don’t believe in fairy tales, but I do believe we can make our happily ever after. Love is what you make it. As individuals we have our needs, wants, desires, and must haves. We may not get them all wrapped up in one person, but if we get the chance to experience any of them, then that’s pretty amazing.

Love doesn’t mean there won’t be ups and downs, tests, trials, or tribulations. There is no such thing as perfect love, but there is a love that can be perfect for you. What someone else deems as love may not be what makes you feel loved. And that is perfectly okay. Because love is what you make it and love is about you.

And the intense emotion that sweeps you off your feet may not last forever, and that is okay t0o. Because every chance we get to love…and to be loved….is a blessing. Sometimes that love is painful, for many different reasons, but  we can grow from it. Opening our heart to love someone opens us up to the possibility of pain and heartbreak. That’s scary. But love can be so beautiful.

Our idea of love and what we want from another person will, and should, change as we get older and experience different things in life. If you are lucky enough to find the one you believe is your soul mate, go all in. Love with all you have.

Love has many dimensions. It is a gift. So if you have the chance to love, even for a moment, let yourself love and be loved.

God bless, and be blessed.


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