blessing of friendship, my friend bob

My friend Bob is a true blessing. We met at work with us starting with the company the same week. It’s been an interesting friendship. We bonded quickly because of the circumstances. Working together as two new employees in an industry that neither of us had worked in before. But both coming from the same industry, although different employers. So, we had our work experience in common, which is basically all we had in common.

So, I guess with friendships, like in romantic relationships, opposites can attract. We are opposite in many ways, but I tell you we laugh every day. I think it’s the fact that we are so opposite that has sealed the connection because we find each other’s reactions so funny.

So, after a very stressful day, Bob decides he is going to prank me. I needed air in a tire so he took it to the shop and put air in the tire before he left for the day. Well, I work later than he does so a couple hours later I go to leave….it’s dark, I’m mentally drained, and overall had a bad day. Well, I open my door and he has the seat laid down, the seatbelt latched, and the seat pushed back as far as it goes. It may not sound funny reading it, but it made me laugh. Then, still laughing, I sit in the car and start fixing my seats and realize he has moved all of the mirrors. By then I’m laughing so hard I can’t even fix the mirrors.

It’s not the actually things that he did to mess with the car, it’s the fact that he knew it would make me laugh. He knew that when I walked outside, in the dark, I would be mentally exhausted and still stressed out from the nonsense of the day. And he knows me well enough to know that being silly like that would make me laugh and get my mind on something other than this crazy job.

That’s what friendship is about. Picking up on someone’s emotion then doing something to make them feel better. It’s knowing that a small gesture can change a person’s day.

I love having Bob as my friend. He is a good person with a genuine heart. He will help anyone, give the shirt off his back, be a friend, mentor, and leader. He’s sensitive, although he won’t admit it, and he is perceptive.

Our career paths will soon take separate paths. He is either leaving the company or leaving my office in a few weeks, and I am saddened by this news. But I know that Bob will always be my friend. He will always be someone I can turn to when I need a good laugh, a new perspective, or when I just need a friend.

Now I need to go out to my car and see what I missed last night in the dark.

Good friends, good times, great memories.

God bless, and be blessed.


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