love from a fur baby

There is something comforting about the love from a pet. My fur baby is something special. He loves unconditionally and is so happy to see me when I walk in the door, even if he has just seen me 5 minutes before.

I did not grow up with pets so to have a pet know that is truly part of my family is surprising to me. But this little fur of love is a huge part of my family. He’s actually my daughter’s dog but I have become as attached as she has. He brings me comfort after a long day at work and when I’m working late at night, or even when I just can’t sleep, he is there laying next to me just a steady form of support.

I never really understood the bond between a person and a pet until my daughter received this little guy for her birthday. And instantly he became a solid part of our family. And I became Nana to a little ball of fur.

It’s comforting to have that unconditional love when I’m having a bad day. When I’m sad, stressed, or just need some down time he is there to cozy up to me. He makes me laugh with his antics and there are times when he acts like a little human. It’s so cute to watch him interact with his “mommy” playing hide and seek and just being mischievous.

Love from a fur baby is comforting and unique. It’s unconditional. I feel so blessed to have my little fur baby. Especially after the stressful day I’ve had today. He’s snuggled up to me with his head on my lap just bringing me a quiet comfort. 2 years ago I would have said no way to having a dog in my house. Now I plan trips around making sure he is taken care of and won’t be alone too long. Sounds crazy, maybe, but he’s a part of my family now and will be taken care as such.

Everyone who is able should open their heart to a pet. It’s rewarding and a different kind of love.

God bless, and be blessed.


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