The bachelor, one more time

Last Friday Bob, myself, and a group of managers went out for a business lunch. (My team is awesome!) We were enjoying our conversations, laughing, laughing more, and relaxing from a long stressful week.

Well, as our lunch wound down and we were preparing to leave the conversation turned to how attractive the waitress was. Nothing disrespectful, nothing sexual, just an observation. So, the joking started because Bob is the only one single at the table and of course the guys started in on him. Well, to give the short version the conversation turned to someone being a wing man…or wing woman….

I walked over to her and spoke with her a few minutes. She looked over my shoulder and smiled. I gave her his business card and left it up to her to call him.

And…she called. They had a date this week, talked every night, and have another date this weekend.

I love seeing my good friend smile and walking with a spring in his step. I know this young lady will enjoy her time with him because he’s a gentleman and he’s fun. And I’m having fun helping him plan his dates. We joked that I was helping my son get ready for his first date.

No matter how broken your heart has become, there is always a new day, new opportunity. Don’t let past hurts keep you from experiencing new happiness.

He mentioned that he’s starting to believe me when I say everything happens for a reason. It’s nice to see the brightness back in his eyes.

We shall see how this next date goes for Bob. Fingers crossed that they continue to hit it off and enjoy each other’s company.

God bless, and be blessed.


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