GT16, surprise…follow up

What an exhausting, but fantastic day. I let my princess sleep late so we could start the day off with her rested (and not grumpy since she’s not a morning person).

We started out on our trip and we talked about “work” and what she was going to do. Then I gave her the surprise and she was speechless. My sweet little angel was so excited but then she asked, ‘but what about work’. She such an angel she was worried that I would miss work and it didn’t sink in that I was surprising her with CONCERT TICKETS. When I told her the concert was the ‘work’ she smiled so big and threw her arms around me. I can’t even describe the happiness in my heart to see her so excited. And appreciative. She must have said THANK YOU over 50 times during the ride. And then she said it another 50 or more during the night.

I will tell you, I have no idea what the first 2 bands were singing…they gave me a headache. But when I would look over at her and I saw the pure happiness on her face that headache was worth it. Then FALL OUT BOY came out on stage and my daughter’s face lit up like Christmas lights. I was sitting there listening to the music and suddenly she threw her arms around me again and said THANK YOU MOMMY, I’m so happy, you spoil me and make me feel so special. That did my heart in.

Earlier in the day she had asked me how much the tickets cost because she said she didn’t want me to spend too much money. My sweet girl is always worried about wasting money and is always satisfied with small and inexpensive gestures. She’s happy with borrowing books from the library and watching movies on TV. It’s really about quality time and I’m so proud of her for having such a genuine, kind heart. Which is why I enjoy doing special things with her.

We had the best day. It was a fantastic girls trip. We shared so much laughter and enjoyed our time together. I’m still smiling just thinking about the genuine happiness I saw on her face.

God bless, and be blessed.



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