GT16, surprise

So, today I have a girls trip planned with my little one…but she’s doesn’t know it. She thinks we are going out of town for my job. But, I have a surprise planned for her. It’s been hard keeping it a secret because I really wanted to tell her just to see her excitement.

So in a few hours we will drive up to the “office” where she thinks I have to work. She’s such a good sport so she will smile and pretend she’s happy to help me work today. I can’t wait to see how big her smile will be when she realizes that the trip isn’t for work but to take her to a concert! I am possibly more excited to be able to give her this surprise than she will be to receive it. I love my little princess. It’s about making memories.

It really is about making memories, not about the material things in life. Yes we are going to a concert which of course costs money. But it’s about the day we will spend together. On the 2 hour drive we will sing along with the radio, talk about different things, and just enjoy each others company. And when she realizes we are going to a concert she will laugh about how I planned this day for us while keeping it a secret. It’s making memories for both of us. I want her to look back at her childhood and know from the core of her being that I love her and her brother more than life itself, more than anything or anyone. I want to look back years from now when they have families of their own and know that I gave them a good, solid childhood with a foundation they can build on. I want them both to know that quality is always better and more important than quantity.

We aren’t promised tomorrow so it’s important to make the most of each day. Make memories, laugh until you cry, live in the moment, just live.

God bless, and be blessed.




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