Great food, great friends, celebrating


As we celebrate Holy Week, we gather with friends and family. We embrace our personal relationships in our Faith and celebrate life, our blessings, and our future.

Last night I attended my niece’s 18th birthday celebration. Plenty of food, a huge crawfish boil, lots of laughter, reminiscing, and a wonderful celebration of  an amazing young lady. We all had a great time.

Isn’t this what life should be about? I don’t me in totality, but life should be about celebrations. We should enjoy ourselves. Have fun, eat good food, drink and be merry( if that is what you want to do), but overall celebrate the life we are able to live.

Life is about making memories and the enjoying journey. What better way to make memories than gathering around a table loaded with boiled crawfish, potatoes, corn, and onions? It’s a Louisiana tradition. Music playing in the background, multiple conversations going on, and kids and adults alike just enjoying each others company and celebrating each other. Yep, that was us last night.

Great food, great friends, good times, great memories.

God bless, and be blessed.




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