Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter

What does Easter mean to you? Is it the time spent dyeing eggs with your children, a chocolate bunny, an Easter egg hunt, pictures with the Easter Bunny? Easter can be all of those things but it should be so much more. Easter is not just about the commercialized celebrations. Those are fun and help make memories with the little ones, but we should remember where this holiday derives from.

Easter Sunday is a Holy day, part of the Holy Week, a celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The past 40 days are part of our celebration, it’s a time when we reflect and penance as we remember Jesus’ sufferings, His strengths, and His love for us.

Easter is not just about a basket full of candy. It’s a time to show our thanks for our lives.

I received news last night that make me so thankful. My friend’s mom received news that her Stem Cell transplant has been successful. This woman has battled various cancers that have metastasized to different areas in her body over the 20+ years I have known her. She has stayed strong, positive, and proud through all of the treatments, bad days, and trying times. Her faith never once waivered. And her recovery is a sign of our Lord’s favor. As a survivor myself, I know what she has gone through. I know that there are days that faith is what keeps us moving. I know that GOD IS AWESOME.

I wish you all a day filled with blessings. Make memories, enjoy each moment, enjoy life.

God bless, and be blessed.



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