Me time

As a parent we often find ourselves lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Raising a family, work, and focus on being a solid foundation for our children becomes the priority and many times we forget to take time for ourselves.

It took me years to find the courage to give myself permission to take a little me time. And even though I do take some time for myself I still, many times, feel guilty.

While going through chemo I realized that I deserve to pamper myself. Getting a pedicure is my down time, my “me” time. Most often I have someone with me, one or both of my kids – sometimes even their friends-, or my friends. It’s rare that I go to the nail salon by myself. Not because I’m lonely but because I like to see others take time for themselves too. Everyone deserves some pampering every now and then!

Last weekend I decided to take some time for myself. A manicure, pedicure, and a quick trip to the mall. I wasn’t sad, depressed, or feeling any particular kind of way. I just wanted to have a couple of hours to myself where the only thing I had to worry about is, well, nothing. I went to the mall to purchase two gifts (not even shopping for myself), didn’t rush, just went to the stores I needed to go to and had no focus other than getting the gifts and getting out. It was nice not having to rush, slow down, or ask anyone what they wanted or if they were ready to go.

Taking time for ourselves is important. It doesn’t have to involve spending money or going somewhere. It could be something as simple as taking a long, hot shower. But we all deserve some down time, “me” time. We, as individuals, are important. We must take care of ourselves so we can be our best for those we love. It’s hard to accept that. I know. But, we must give ourselves permission to love ourselves as much as we love others.

God bless, and be blessed.


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