God speaks, just listen

I’m not a religious expert, but I do have a relationship with God. I’ll be honest, I struggle with my faith and my place and in finding a church where I feel I belong. I have a long way to go in learning , but I believe in God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray daily, many days I pray numerous times a day. Friday was one of those days.

I’ve written before on the struggles I encounter at work due to dealing with people without integrity, morals, or conscious. But, due to the economy and lack of a job market I go to work each day and give it my best. Emotionally some days are worse than others due to the underhanded bullying that goes on. Friday was one of those days where I prayed many times, I am thankful for having a job and for being able to support my family, so I thank God for this opportunity. I also thank Him for the struggles because I know there is a lesson in here somewhere. I just have to be humble enough to be thankful for the opportunity to learn from this and to be open-minded enough to try to learn and understand.

As I said, Friday was one of those days where I prayed throughout the day. And I walked in to my colleagues office to tell him that during our lunch time I wanted to go to the Christian store to purchase a reminder for my office, something I could keep on my desk that would give me encouragement. Bob had someone in his office, a nice guy we work with but I don’t know very well. Pete (the nice guy) said ‘oh I pray here too because it’s getting to be too much’. And something about his face told me I needed to be there for him. We talked for a few minutes and Bob made a joke about putting me on his insurance so I can quit and I said yes because I need insurance for my next set of tests.

Now Bob knows that I am waiting on to find out if the cancer has come back, but no one else at work does. And Pete says it’s so bad that I prayed for something drastic like getting cancer – I’m getting to my rock bottom. Bob looked at me with a horrified look on his face and the tears came to my eyes. I wasn’t angry; I was heartbroken. I’m dealing with my own health issues and I could have been angry because a healthy person just told me he wished for cancer. But I didn’t feel anger, I felt sadness because this person is feeling desperate, confused, and needs help.

Bob and I went to the Christian store and I purchased something for my office and for Pete’s office. The same item. When I gave it to him his smile could have lit up the sky. He said he really needed it and would keep it right next to his computer. Pete and I talked for a few minutes and I let him vent and I tried to give him words of encouragement. But mostly I just wanted him to know he’s not alone. I told him that I would pray for him in my daily prayers. His face showed relief.

I believe God was speaking to me. HE wanted me to know that regardless of what I’m going through I still have the strength to be there for someone else. I feel that God knew that Pete couldn’t hear Him because Pete’s pain is overwhelming him, so He had to send His message another way. I am thankful enough to be a part of the message.

No, I am not thinking I did anything special. I’m not anyone’s savior. But I needed the message too! I needed to be reminded that God speaks to me all the time, I just have to listen. The message wasn’t just for Pete. The message was for me too. The message is to keep believing, keep doing what is right, keep praying, and keep being kind.

God speaks, we just have to listen.

God bless, and be blessed.




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