carpool fun

Technically I don’t carpool because I’m the only one who drives the kids to school. On rainy days I pick up my daughter’s friend and brother so they don’t have to stand out in the rain while waiting for the bus. These mornings are enlightening to the teenage minds (smile).

Two pre-teens in the backseat giggling over whatever girls that age giggle over always brings a smile to my face. But, it’s the conversations I have…well basically I just listen…with the 15 year old boy that has me in hysterics. Children of this generation are smart, tech savvy of course, insensitive, and far advanced of the children of my day. But, they are still children, they still need guidance, and they still need boundaries and a foundation. They are still children. They may think they know it all, but their lives haven’t even begun. But, on these carpool mornings, it is fun listening to them talk about how they have it all figured out. It’s refreshing to hear these innocent perspectives on life. …to go back to those days where the biggest responsibility is getting through the school year….

Kids today do have some hefty obstacles to navigate through. Kids are more bold than ever now. There are dangers every where. There are “games” that kids are challenged to “play” in order to fit in. And it takes very strong, independent, and confident individuals to say NO, to walk away, to be themselves. Because just as generations before them, following the crowd is still popular, still accepted. But being an individual takes courage, and unfortunately during these developing years its very hard to show that courage.

Carpool mornings start my day off with a smile and laughter. I get to hear about how wrong teachers are, how smart kids are, and how most of the classes are a waste of time. Wow, sounds familiar from days long ago haha. I get to hear whose dating who, who wants to date who, and who doesn’t want to be bothered….I just nod my head like I know who these kids are. Heaven forbid I ask questions, I get the look of “oh yea, you’re old” (smile) a shake of his head, and then the conversations continues. I get to hear the new sayings (I need to stay hip – oh wait ‘hip’ isn’t cool anymore). I get to listen to music that I don’t relate to. I’ll tell you, it’s exhausting being a kid nowadays.

I enjoy those rainy day carpools. I enjoy those quick trips where the kids feel safe and feel comfortable enough to share a glimpse of their lives. I enjoy being able to be a part of their day where I can give them encouragement  and start their school day off on a positive note. And I get a lot from those mornings too. They start my day off on a positive note and they give me encouragement just by being young and innocent.

God bless, and be blessed.




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