last minute get-togethers

I love last minute get-togethers where family and friends hang out, enjoy a meal, and make memories. I was blessed this weekend when a spur of the moment gathering took place.

It’s so important to me for my kids to see that even when relationships end that people don’t have to hate. My ex-husband and I have finally come to a place where we can be civil, and he has finally chosen a nice woman to share his life. Thank goodness but it is past time!

So this weekend the girlfriend and I had been randomly texting about different things and when she asked what we were doing Saturday evening we decided to get together, eat  and hang out.

So we decided on a crawfish boil and soon the neighbors were over and it became a little party. The whole thing lasted a few hours but it was nice to take a break from my work computer and just visit with people. My little one sat with us and joined in the conversations. My oldest was at work but he was texting with us. So he was included to.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like people at my house, I don’t like to go visit, I’m basically a homebody. But I have to admit it was really nice to enjoy a few hours with family and friends. Life is so short. We have to make time for ourselves. We have to make time for others. We have to make time for fun.

This little get-together ended with the girlfriend and I making plans to work on a project together. It’s her project but she could use my help. She’s such a sweet, kind person that I want to help her. My daughter laughed about it because it sounded crazy when we talked about it but she was happy that I was going to help. That’s what being family is about. It’s about moving past differences, growing up, and bonding.

God bless, and be blessed.


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