Girls day

My daughter and I had a mommy-daughter girls’ day this weekend. I’ve been working long hours and decided I was going to push work aside and spent some time with my princess this weekend. Work will consume me if I let it and the one thing I can’t get back is time, so I left the laptop at the office and decided that the weekend would be about her.

We decided to include a couple of her friends in her girls day. It was a simple outing, but we had a blast. Shopping, lunch, miniature golf, and late afternoon snack, ice cream, the home to get ready for school. It was exhausting for me, but worth every minute. I love spending time with my daughter, but I also like to make sure she has fun with her friends. She works hard in school and she is such a kind, caring person. She deserves to have fun and I think it’s important for her to have girl time with her friends. She needs that social interaction without the stress of school.

It really was a nice outing. The weather was gorgeous. A nice breeze kept us from getting too hot. Living in the South we don’t get too many days that we can spend outside without having to be in water so we took advantage of the beautiful weather. And 18 holes of miniature golf with three 12 year olds is hilarious.

I called a friend and had her meet us. She needed to get out of the house and get her mind off of her own stress and I wanted someone I could talk to also. We didn’t get too much talking done because we spent the entire time laughing with the girls. I think we all needed a few hours of laughter.

The girls’ day seemed to be a success because as I drove the girls home they said we need to do this again. And I have to agree. Seeing my daughter having so much fun is priceless. Being able to be a part of it is priceless. Yes, it was a rewarding day.

Always take time for family. Always, always take time for your children. They won’t be little forever and there will come a day when we will wish we had closed the computer and focused on them. Time – it goes too quickly and can never be recovered. So, take a few minutes or a few hours to make sure your kids know they are loved and that they are important. I promise you, I am trying to make memories with my daughter, but it’s just as much for me as it is her. And the rewarding feeling I get means more than any paycheck ever could.

God bless, and be blessed.


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