Niece’s wedding

Today is my niece’s wedding and it is with mixed emotions that I make the 6 hour trip to share in this special day.

This will also be the first time that all of my family will be together in one place. For a day that is made for happiness there is an underlying sense of tension that will be there. I don’t visit my family often because of this very reason, but my niece made a request that I go. She is close to me and especially close to my daughter despite their 14 year age difference. For the sake of this special day I will do my best to push the tension aside, ignore the people who are intent on creating drama, and just focus on love and happiness.

My niece will be marrying the love of her life this weekend and it is such a special time. I’m happy to be able to share in her moment. It’s been a year of planning and finally her day is her. Her husband to be is an amazing young man. They fit together perfectly. He grounds her; she lifts him up. He provides a foundation; she shows him the starts. He takes care of her; she takes care of him. It’s the kind of relationship that little girls dream of. It brings (happy) tears to my eyes thinking of their love and the years of happiness they have ahead of them. She has found her prince charming and he has found his princess.

I’ve been divorced and it was a dark period in my life. But I still believe in fairy tales and happily ever after. I believe because I’ve witnessed love stories. I’m not bitter; the marriage was not meant to last but I have a son who is the best part of that marriage. I don’t believe that a failed relationship or marriage means there isn’t a fairy tale out there for me. I just have to believe…and want one.

My niece’s wedding is the start of their new life together, the beginning of the next chapter in their fairy tale. It’s couples like them that make me believe that happily ever after can exist.

Wishing my niece and her groom a lifetime of blessings, love, happiness, and strong faith.

God bless, and be blessed.


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