the affair

He married a woman quite a few years older than he. She had 4 children and he accepted the readymade family easily. They had a child together. Their family was complete. For awhile.

He loved her. But love is a strange beast. Love can come and go, can be overwhelming and depleting. Love can build you up and tear you down. He loved his high school sweetheart too, the one who married someone else. So, he put his heart into this woman, his wife, until he didn’t.

Many years into his marriage he met someone. A woman, his age, with 4 kids. Déjà vu? Not quite. He is still married. So is this woman. But an affair ensues. Intense. They love each other almost blindly. Then their spouses find out. Their affair must end. The woman..the other woman…her husband files for divorce, she loses her children…all five of them because now she is pregnant with her 5th and must wait to see if the child is the husband’s or this man’s. It’s the husband’s child…

The wife, she is devastated but she’s older, feels she can’t live without him, can’t or doesn’t want to start over. She forgives him and stays…and makes plans to have more children…will this make HIM stay?

Fast forward 10+ years, there they are this man and his wife. She wears life on her face and she has aged. He still looks young, he’s enjoying life. His actions, the actions with that woman, her actions….there are consequences, lives and relationships destroyed. She lost her family, her kids. He picked up where he left off, family intact. Years later and he never missed a beat. He is still the husband and father no consequences for him.

And the other woman….she doesn’t exist, has been forgotten.

The affair…for her it was so much more.


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