the end of a family

They held it together for their kids. To the world their marriage was strong. A solid couple. He with a job that afforded her to be a stay-at-home mom. 3 children who didn’t get into trouble, did well in school, whose friends hang out at their house. A family dog. The all-American family.

One day she woke up and decided she wasn’t happy and she wanted out of the marriage. It was a shock to everyone – her husband, kids, family, friends. Blindsided. To the world they seemed like a near perfect couple, to her husband he thought he was doing everything right. He gave her attention, gave her freedom to have friends, tried to balance a marriage, a relationship, and children. He carried the weight of the family on his shoulders to allow her to live life. Then he finds out that what he has done is not enough. She wanted more. She wanted freedom and no responsibilities. She wanted out.

He wanted to work on the marriage, to save what he believed was a good marriage. She wanted to relive her youth and didn’t want to put forth the effort to make the marriage work. The marriage that he didn’t even know was falling apart. She wanted fun, but single fun.

She gave no indication that she wasn’t happy. To family and friends there was nothing amiss. Holiday and social gatherings gave no indication that there were problems. She is a good actress. She never missed a beat. She held his hand, SHE initiated intimacy, she presented herself as a loving wife who loved her man.

The kids are older and spent more time away from the house. She surprised him with intimate dinners for two, opening the door in lingerie, not once but dozens of times over the course of the last 2 years. She would start his shower and later join him. She would pack his lunch and slip notes of love in for him to find. She would surprise him with a night out, weekend away, and quick outings just for the two of them. And then one day she surprised him with divorce papers. And he felt his world crumble.

He continued to give his all. She continued with the charade of dinners, showers, love notes…all while waiting for the divorce to finalize. But she also added nights away from him. She began to live a single life while giving him hope….hope that really wasn’t there. She was living two lives and enjoying the best of both worlds. She used him. And he didn’t deserve it.

When asked what happened, what did he do wrong. Her answer was simple. Nothing really she just wanted more. More attention, more money, more freedom. And she wanted less. Less responsibility.

So it’s the end of a family. The kids are still in shock. The husband is still in shock. And she’s on top of the world.

I look at them and feel heartbroken. I feel fooled. So now I pray for them. I pray the kids. I pray for him. I pray he can overcome this heartache without becoming bitter. I pray she finds peace. I pray for that family to not be completely destroyed by this selfishness.

God bless, and be blessed.


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