GT16, 2

I’ve been so busy I didn’t have a chance to write about our latest girls’ trip. It was just a weekend away, but it was a chance to relax and leave our stress behind.

The trip was a gift. We were blessed with a weekend at one of the nicer hotel casinos which included a large suite, breakfast and dinner, movies in the room,  and a shopping trip. The trip was a surprise, but it was a blessing we are thankful for.

We spent the day shopping, and shopping, and shopping. Never have I been able to walk into a store and not worry about the cost. Of course, old habits remain and I looked for bargains and compared prices. I believe in getting the most for my money, even when someone else is paying. So this was a new, unusual, and once in a lifetime experience. My princess is not much of a shopper but she enjoyed the gifts she received.

After shopping we enjoyed a meal with friends. The best meals are shared with people who make you laugh and we laughed so much. It was storming outside so we didn’t venture out. We stayed in the hotel/casino and just spent time relaxing. The evenings were spent enjoying the comforts of a luxury suite where we watched scary movies and snacked on munchies, because what’s a movie without munchies?

I am thankful for the friends I have who think enough of me to surprise my daughter and I with an all expense paid weekend away. I am thankful for the many blessings we received, and continue to receive.

It was a quick weekend, but it proved to be a relaxing outing that we both needed. Sometimes we have to take time to refocus and rejuvenate.

God bless, and be blessed.







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