saying goodbye to Jason

We said goodbye to Jason. It was such an emotional day. It was storming, torrential rains, and the family received news that they may not be able to bury their son that day. So we prayed. And the sun came out for several hours. The rain held off until that evening. The family continued their journey to receive closure.

It was sad to see Jason’s cousins stand at his casket looking so lost, but it was amazing to see them say their goodbyes. They talked to him, prayed for him, and touched him. There is so much to be learned from children.

We said goodbye to Jason’s body, but we know his spirit lives on. We have memories. No, it is not enough, we all want more, we want to be able to see him grow into an adult, find his successes in life. But, we will reflect, we will remember, and we will pray.

I don’t wish this type of sadness on any family. I pray the family finds peace in knowing that Jason knew without a doubt that he was loved. Jason had 14 years of happiness and security. He brought so much happiness and joy to his family and friends. And now he will bring happiness in heaven.

God bless, and be blessed.


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