a mom’s life on Mother’s Day

Yes, today is Mother’s Day and according to Hallmark it’s a day where the moms around the world get to relax and be pampered. That sounds nice. But, reality is, moms get a card, get hugs and kisses, and flowers and gifts, and enjoy the glory of the moment. Then the mom-mode kicks in and we get right back into our routine.

A mom’s life on Mother’s Day includes getting the kids ready for the upcoming week. Today I will be helping my youngest complete a end of the year math project. We will also work a little on her end of the year science  project that is due later in the week. Am I complaining? No way. I enjoy this time with her. I get to hear her ideas and learn her thought processes. She actually takes into consideration my ideas. These area great times.

My family won’t be going out to dinner, but that is because I prefer to stay home. They will cook, which is not unusual. It’s a normal day in my house. It’s how I like it. My mother’s day celebration is every day that my kids are happy and healthy. And part of my celebration is taking care of them.

Wishing every mother, and father who fulfills both roles, a Happy DAY.

God bless, and be blessed.


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