Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate the mother’s in our lives. Biological, by marriage, or by love – if there is a woman that has made an impact in your life, wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

My relationship with my own mother is dysfunctional. I am the one who reaches out, who tries to keep the relationship going. I don’t do it because I need anything. To be honest I am ok with not having a relationship with her because of the turmoil I’ve lived through. But I feel it is my obligation as her child to do my best to be there for her as she ages, to be better to her than she was to me. I don’t want to have any regrets. My childhood was rough, but it was not so horrible that I can’t move on and move forward. So, I take on this obligation to be the best person I can be which includes being better than what she was to me, being there for her, taking care of her, making sure she is well. And so Mother’s Day is just one day where I recognize her and let her know that she is thought of.

My ex-husband’s girlfriend is a wonderful woman. We have become friends. She’s good to my children, which is what matters to me. I bought her a Mother’s Day gift to show her my appreciation of having her in my life. She was surprised, shocked, but happy. And that is what a gift should be. Some may feel it’s unusual to give a gift to the ex’s current girlfriend, but I give from the heart and my heart says to recognize her and let her know that she is special.

 So if there is someone you feel is special, let them know. You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day, you can do it any day. Give from the heart. Life is short, so take any and every opportunity to share your heart. There are some amazing women out there. And

since it is Mother’s Day….Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s out there!



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