why I don’t try to embarrass my kids

I’m a parent, I’m not trying to be their friend, but I don’t believe it’s my job to embarrass my kids.

My job is to guide them, teach them, provide boundaries and the necessities in life. It’s my job to love them, care for them, be there for them.

But it’s not my job to embarrass them.

I know parents who do things to purposely embarrass their kids and I don’t understand the reason behind their behavior. It doesn’t make your kids love you more. It doesn’t make you cool. It makes you mean. It makes it hard for your kids to trust you.

I don’t try to embarrass my kids because I am proud of them. I am proud of the individuals they are. I am proud that they have their own thoughts, they are leaders and not followers, they command respect, they have goals, they respect themselves, they respect others. And I respect them.

I don’t try to embarrass them because I have no reason to embarrass them. We have fun, we joke around, we act silly, we share inside jokes, we laugh at memories, we have a good time together. We have a relationship. They understand the hierarchy. I am their mother, the parent which means I have rules, I give my opinion, and I have expectations. They also know that my decisions and actions are based on the simple fact that I love them more than anything or anyone in this world. I don’t need them to be my friend because I am their mom. Having the type of relationship where we can be hang out and enjoy each others company is a blessing. Because dynamics do change as kids get older, become adults, and begin making adult decisions. But, at the end of the day I’m still mom.

I never understood why parents thought it was funny to embarrass their kids. Is it payback for what their own parents did to them? I was in that situation. I had parents who did things that could embarrass me, but I would never punish my kids for something that happened to me. It’s not funny to see my child’s feelings hurt. So I could never purposely do something to cause that.

I see kids today, my children’s friends included, who try to avoid their parents because they don’t want to be embarrassed. I’m blessed that they choose to come to my home to hang out because that’s where I would rather them be. It’s a natural instinct to want to make sure your children are safe so having them at home is better than wondering if they are. You know it’s bad when kids would rather be around a strict parent than their own parents. And that is another reason why I don’t embarrass my kids.

God bless, and  be blessed.


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