dealing with a micromanager

I’ve been dealing with a micromanager for almost a year now. I talked to friends and colleagues and am realizing that micromanagers are more common than I realized. I’ve never had to deal with someone like this before, or maybe I just didn’t pay them any attention, but this past year has been rough.

Why do people micromanage their employees? My perspective when you hire someone you normally believe they are qualified to do the job. So let them do it. I feel that if I have to go behind someone to complete their work, or if I have to manage every task then it’s easier for me to do it myself, which means I don’t need that person. But, I’m not a micromanager so I don’t know how to understand or relate to someone who has that type of mentality.

I believe I am a highly competent person. I’ve been fairly successful in my career and have built some pretty solid relationships. I’m used to being the go-to person, the problem solver. So dealing with someone who believes no one is as smart as her, no one has good ideas, and no one does as good a job as her is new territory for me. Take that personality and add the fact that she is vengeful and will sabotage anyone who doesn’t agree with her and we have a volatile environment.

I just read an article on how to deal with a micromanager. The first tip is to earn your boss’s trust. Well that’s hard to do when she’s not trustworthy and is vindictive. The second tip is to follow the rules. Well, I do but she makes up rules as she goes, changes things up to support her agenda, and fabricates information (yes, I have this documented). Tip 3: Learn as much as you can about your micromanaging boss. Well, I’ve observed, talked to people, and sat back and watched. The few people who have any type of relationship with her have the same personality and they are isolated along with her.

So, with the first 3 tips being obvious, but not applicable….how do I deal with this person? I will tell you, if it wasn’t for prayer I don’t think I could have made it this past year. It’s been a true struggle. Thank goodness I am a strong person by nature.

My good friend shared an email from his boss and I see strong similarities between his manager and mine. Are their insecurities so strong that they must try to break someone down daily? Are they so miserable that they must project that misery onto someone else? It’s a sad situation. I pity them. But I also feel anger. They are bullies and use their title and position in the company to stroke their egos. It’s pathetic.

Dealing with a micromanager is exhausting. It can make you question your own ability. I relate it to being in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship because people who normally would not take the BS have to because they have a family to support. And these sick managers use that need to their advantage. I don’t believe those who are the victims of a micromanager are weak. I believe they are strong because they have endured the nonsense in order to meet their personal obligations, responsibilities, and possibly to meet their goals.

God bless, and be blessed.


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