Ladies night out, May 2k16

Last year, for my birthday, Sarabelle pulled together an amazing night as a surprise party/evening for me (shout out to her event planning skills @ http://www.memorableeventswithsunshine). One of my guests was so impressed that she has asked Sarabelle to pull together a ladies night out, just so we – hard-working, always putting everyone else first women – can have a few hours of hanging out and enjoying each others company. So, it’s tomorrow night we have a Ladies Night planned. Friday the 13th and a full moon…it should be good.

We aren’t going to Vegas, but we have the Vegas rule…’What happens xxxx- stays xxxx. Of course, we are all responsible so I’m sure we will be just fine….no pictures please (smile). It’s just harmless fun with dinner and drinks, and a designated driver.

I’m looking forward to our little trip. It’s been a rough couple months and I need some laughter. The stress has gotten to me so much that I’ve been sick for a few weeks now and I think laughter may be the medicine I need. And when I’m with these ladies, we spend the whole time laughing. Isn’t that what a group of friends do? Yes! We build each other up, we laugh, we reminisce, we make new memories, we have fun together.

I’m thankful for the life I have. God has given me plenty, more than I probably deserve. My circle of friends is small, just the way I like it. Smaller equals less drama. And I am thankful for being blessed with each of these ladies. Every woman should be lucky enough to be blessed with a small group of amazing women to call friends.

Wish us luck on our night out.

God bless, and be blessed.



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