Ladies night out, May 2k16 recap

We had a blast. Seriously I don’t even know how else to describe it. It was so much fun to be with this group of amazing women. From the moment that we got into the vehicle we laughed.

What is so amazing about this group of women is that we didn’t grow up together, we don’t have a childhood of memories that brings us together. We don’t work together. We didn’t go to college together. We were brought together by fate, God knowing that we needed each other.

It’s drama-free. Do you know how rare that is? We are surrounded by drama daily, whether it be from our families, so-called friends, or at work, we are exposed to drama. But, with this group we were ourselves – its a judgment free zone – and we bonded.

We had some shenanigans, that is to be expected. We danced, sang, and well….we had fun. It was a short trip, just a night away, but we packed so much fun into that night that we all went home exhausted. But, we also went home making plans for another ladies night in the very near future.

We are a dynamic group, each bringing something different to this friendship. What we don’t bring is competition, judgment, or fake friendship. We are just a group of women, with our personal issues, who are strong and mature enough to appreciate each other for the individuals that we are.

I think every woman deserves a group of friends like I have. It’s a small circle, just the way I like it. But it’s a tight circle. Just the way it should be.

God bless, and be blessed.


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