working in HR

Working in HR has opened my eyes to the many faces of employees. To be honest, it’s kind of scary. It does not renew my faith in the human race.

Investigating complaints exposes ugliness, lies, vendettas, and vulnerabilities. The investigation is not an easy process for many reasons. The investigation that I concluded today attests to that. It was bizarre; it was ugly, and it exposed evilness. It also exposed the instability of a person’s mind.

Why a person, who behaves inappropriately herself, would falsely accuse someone of indecent behavior is hard to understand. It’s unsettling to see someone make a complaint that can ruin a person’s life – his career, marriage, possibly his freedom – with no justification and no truth. And then to look, unblinking, into a person’s face and lie without remorse – that is what’s scary. It’s a sad example of humanity.

Dealing with the ugliness of people weighs on me. As a professional I deal with facts and base my actions on the facts that are gathered. I must remain unbiased because it is my job. But I still feel compassion. My heart still hurts when someone is unjustly accused of something horrible. My mind spins when someone creates a web of lies and thinks it’s ok. I can’t relate.

I’ll get up tomorrow and the next day and will go to work. I’ll deal with the craziness. I’ll go home. And I’ll pray that I don’t get so disillusioned with the nonsense and hatefulness that I lose my compassion for others.

God bless, and be blessed.


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