missed opportunities, maybe not

Missed opportunities, I believe most can look back and find a missed opportunity or two.

A few weeks ago I spoke about a missed opportunity. The opportunity that presented itself and I stood still.

Life has a way of bringing twists and turns. And when we least expect it, an opportunity presents itself, or reappears, or however one wants to look at it.

So a week after my conversations about missed opportunities my opportunity happened again. He reached out to me. Another random text. Another night where he was vulnerable, thinking of me, reaching out waiting for me to reply. I smiled, it made me happy.

Unfortunately, it was not the opportune time for me. I was out of town, on a mommy daughter trip, where my focus was not on me. I was making memories with my little one and that trumps my own wants and needs. But it sure did make my heart skip a beat to learn that after all this time he still thinks of me.

This opportunity has me thinking of why I am so hesitant to just jump and throw caution to the wind. I know why, and maybe I need to explain it to him. Yes, soon I will tell him, and then maybe I can grab ahold of that opportunity.

God bless, and be blessed.


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