my little writing corner

I’ve been busy, and stressed, the past few months so I haven’t posted regularly. It’s one of those things where I run myself ragged and take care of necessities but don’t make the little things for myself a priority.

I appreciate every person who views my posts and especially appreciate the ‘likes’. It makes me feel good to see that someone took the time to read something I jotted down, my thoughts, my feelings. It’s a great feeling. Me, in my little corner, penning my thoughts, and someone out there with their own lives, own problems, own responsibilities, took the time to read them…that’s nice.

What’s sad is that I can be in the middle of my busy day, at work of course, and think of something I want to write about. The opportunity passes because I can’t log in from work so I miss the chance to share. I need to find balance.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’ve got dozens of things on my to-do list but I stopped to go to my writing corner. It’s just a few minutes, but its a breather that I needed. I’m just writing random thoughts, but it’s centering me. We all deserve a few minutes to ourselves to regroup, to do nothing, to think, to breathe. We deserve it and we need to make a point to take it.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, safe, and beautiful weekend. Take a moment to relax, enjoy the day, love yourself.

God bless, and be blessed.


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