I think the heat is driving the know-it-alls out of the woodworks. I think a know-it-all is one the lower part of my list of pet peeves. At first it’s funny to listen to someone talk about how great they are and how they can do something – anything/everything – better. But after hearing it several times it becomes aggravating.

It’s humorous – not really – to hear someone  say, although they have never been employed in a particular profession, how they can do a job better. Or how someone else does something doesn’t make sense, or their way is stupid, or yada yada yada… Wait, that’s right, you’ve never done the job but you are the expert. (Sarcastic smile)

Then you have the know-it-alls who think a person can do nothing right. I see that in my daughter’s school a lot. The bratty kid who likes to passively bully others by making faces or little remarks about another student’s work. It takes a strong individual to remember that the brat’s opinion doesn’t count. But that behavior starts at home, either learned or allowed, or both, and parents should address it so that child doesn’t become the know-it-all adult that no one likes.

My random thoughts….

God bless, and be blessed.


know it all





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