Love after death

My friend Caroline has found love. She’s a newlywed and their love is like an umbrella protecting them from ugliness. That umbrella is something they desperately need because their love story had a tragic beginning.

Caroline met her new husband 15 years ago. He was the best friend of her fiancé, Chris. The three were inseparable. It was a beautiful friendship.  And then one day Chris was murdered right before her eyes. It was the most devastating day of her life. I still don’t think she has gotten over it, but who can expect her to? Not only did she lose her fiancé, she saw him murdered.

After Chris’s death the best friends consoled each other. Years passed and a friendship turned into companionship which turned into love. Caroline wasn’t trying to replace Chris with Charlie and Charlie wasn’t trying to replace his best friend. They were two lost, broken souls who gradually fell in love.

Brought together through friendship and solidified through tragedy, this couple has true love. Even during hard times they smile because they have each other. They don’t have riches, but they have a love that many would envy. Their wealth is in their relationship. It’s not the typical fairy tale, but it’s theirs and it’s amazing.

This couple has had more than their share of heartache so I pray they life brings them nothing but good things and happiness.

God bless, and be blessed.




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