the thin blue line

My heart is broken from all of the hate and violence we are experiencing around the WORLD. It’s nonsense and I can’t wrap my head around it. How does violence stop violence?

Today the violence has hit close to home again. Today officers were gunned down an hour away from me. It saddens me. My family and I were there yesterday, literally 24 hours ago. My daughter said she is thankful that we made it safely home. I’m thankful too.

There are good and bad, good and evil, in every walk of life, every profession. I had my share of dealings with ‘bad cops’ when going through my divorce from a police officer. My crime? Filing for divorce. That act opened the gates to being followed and harassed by his friends. I took care of the issue by filing a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the problem was solved. I didn’t resort to acting up, creating drama, or violence. I handled the issue like an adult with sense. And this one incident (that lasted for months) didn’t make me anti-cop. It didn’t make me hate. It didn’t make me want revenge. I wanted a resolution, and I received one. Because not every police officer is bad or crooked. And the bad apples don’t represent all police officers.

I  have friends who are police officers and I fear for them. I fear that every time they walk out of their home, whether in uniform or not, that they will be attacked. I fear for their families. I worry about their children. Our society is angry and no one is safe, including police officers.

As a society we need to look at what the issues are and try to find a solution. We can’t continue to allow our actions to be driven by hate and by the media. The media promotes hate because the media is about ratings not about reporting. The media are hate baiters and it’s a sad place to be in when ratings mean more than lives, including the lives of our officers who are doing a job for very little money.

That’s the thing. People may not realize that, just like the military, law enforcement pays little. Police officers are not rich. Most have to have second and third jobs to make ends meet. That means they spend more time working than they do with their families. They spend more time protecting the public than they spend with their families. They spend more time in harms way than they spend with their families. And they are underappreciated.

I’m praying for law enforcement officers all over the world. I’m praying for their families, their communities. I’m praying for my community. I’m praying for my friends who are part of the thin blue line family.

God bless, and be blessed.

blue line

You, Lord, will keep the needy safe and will protect us forever from the wicked, who freely strut about when what is vile is honored by the human race. Psalm 12:7-8





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