The media. I don’t really have much passion for the media. The reporters, news outlets, they aren’t there to report news. They are living/working in their own reality shows and use their position for spotlight not for journalistic purposes. And it sickens me.

I don’t blame technology on how reporters behave. The excuse that they have to be the first to report because of technology (people able to post on social media) is just an excuse and I call BS on it. A person who has integrity will think before acting/speaking. They will consider the impact over the 15 seconds of fame ratings.

I look at how the media has sensationalized acts of violence and it saddens me. I look at the local news outlets and they sicken me. One story they took and ran with and played out for weeks was of a missing girl who ended up murdered. It was a tragic situation and yes the family needed help finding their daughter. That’s where the media can help – show the missing posters and share information on how to join search parties and/or how to help. But instead they decided they would give hour by hour updates, repeating the same information for weeks. Hour by hour “updates” of nothing. Of course they painted an angelic picture of the girl leaving out the negative and unattractive parts although some of that information may have been helpful to those trying to help find her. I appreciate the fact that a media outlet wanted to help, but to dedicate that much time with no information, including holding “breaking news” interruptions throughout the day only to provide the SAME information from days/weeks before…that’s just plain ridiculous.

Or when the media decides to report “news” of someone’s arrest. First, they fail to remember that the person is innocent until proven guilty, and an arrest does not always equate guilt. They also do not care about the person’s family. What about their children? The ratings mean more than the innocent children who become bullied over what the media has reported.

The news media has become a gossip show with no plot, no basis. Some reality shows have more foundation than local news channels. Of course they won’t report on anything that relates to them or their family. They don’t air that dirty laundry, and I can’t believe they don’t have any.

It’s a sad state for our society when the media abuses their platform to harm.


God bless, and be blessed.


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