child support obligations

Child support, I believe it’s more than money, but for this post I will focus on the monetary obligation.

I have an employee who brought me paperwork to excuse his absence from work. He had gone to court to work on back child support payments and make arrangements. And his situation got me thinking about the parents who love their kids but are having difficulty paying child support due to lay offs.

Well, this employee has 15 days to come up with a large sum of money or he will have to serve 90 days in jail. And this begins the cycle. The children’s mother wants him in jail. I’m not sure why because that doesn’t solve the problem. There are many reasons why jail is not the best solution. First, he won’t be around to see his children for at least 90 days. How is that a positive outcome? Second, he will lose his job and be back in the same situation that he’s in today. Third, it teaches the children that the money is more than their relationship.

Now, I know there are deadbeat parents out there. And I definitely know that it takes money to raise children. I also know how it feels to raise a child and not get child support that is court ordered and having to sacrifice daily while the ex lived it up spending the money that should have gone to our child.  But, child support and visitation are 2 separate issues and money shouldn’t be used to punish someone, because the person punished the most is the child.

This is a hard time for so many people. The layoffs and the economy have people losing homes, vehicles, and so much more. With circumstances out of their hands, they don’t need to lose their children too. I know there are so many sides to every story, every situation, and no one really knows every detail. But, it’s a sad situation when the anger of a breakup takes precedence of everything else, including the children.

I  know this one employee’s situation is not a lone case. I know there are many parents in this situation where they have fallen on hard times and have gotten behind on child support payments. I know the money is for the children. But if the parent is trying to do right, don’t punish the children by putting their father (or mother) in jail.

It’s a sad situation, and I pray it all works out for the best.

God bless, and be blessed.


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